National Garden Week: What is a CSA and How Do You Find One?

Happy National Garden Week! If you’ve ever had a consult with a Vibrant Dietitian, you know that our dietary recommendations go way beyond “eat more vegetables and fruits.” Taking in the considerations of pesticide use, and the carbon and economical footprints involved with growing produce in Mexico and shipping elsewhere–we often suggest our patients buy…

Autism and the Gut Microbiome

April is Autism Awareness month, and while a great deal of scientific evidence in this field remains to be elucidated, an undeniable connection between gut health and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has already emerged. Digestive Health and Autism Spectrum Disorders It is well-known that children with autism experience significantly more GI symptoms than healthy controls….

Green: A Phytonutrient Guide

We’ve probably all heard about a bazillion times to eat our greens. More green veggies, more leafy greens and add a green smoothie, too. Have you ever wondered what particularly is so special about green plants? Some of the main health benefits of green plants and vegetables is the pigments that give them their color….